I am a servant of Allah (SWT), dreamer, lover of arts, Shy
Abaya wearing fashion loving Londoner.
23 year old Muslim aspiring abaya/hijab designer
on a journey of making abayas,- Co. owner of Barakah..
my tumblr is for my inspirations&ideas.

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"Always pray to have. 1. Eyes that see the best in people. 2. A heart that forgives the worst. 3. A soul that never loses faith in ALLAH."
― (via moeyhashy)
"If you get lost, just look for a lot of hijabis and follow them all."
― My dad giving his friend directions to the Eid prayer location. (via dysfunctionalmoment)


There are days when you dont feel like praying. When your soul feels dark and your heart feels down. Those are the days when you need to pray. Those are the days when you need it most. And if you find the strength to bow before your Lord in those days, you have defeated a big part of your nafs and taken a huge step towards your Lord. So pray no matter what. Lead your heart to prayer and one day your heart will lead you to prayer.

"As every Ramadan comes to an end we are filled with regret that we didn’t do more. It is a foretelling of what the end of our lives will be like. Make the most of what you have left."
― (via islamicrays)


I won’t say that “you broke me”. You’re not that powerful, I’m not that weak. You are not more powerful than my Lord who has promised me protection. You didn’t break me, you made me sad. And sadness passes. And my Lord is eternal.